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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Review: Mozart's Magic Fantasy: A Journey through 'The Magic Flute'

Since Eric sings opera, we have been researching different approaches on introducing opera to children. Much of the advice we found said to start with Mozart's The Magic Flute. This week we have discovered how right they were!

Heidi, our four-year-old, has been thoroughly enjoying Classical Kids' production of The Magic Flute titled Mozart's Magic Fantasy. She has listened to it SIX times in the last two days.

The story of The Magic Flute follows the story of Prince Tamino and the bird-catcher, Papageno as they search for their true loves, Princess Pamina and Pagagena. Tamino must defeat a dragon and find his way through a labyrinth to unite with his true love. That's the story, in short.

This production begins with a girl named Sarah. She enters the theatre looking for her mother, who is playing one of the roles in the opera. The opera starts while Sarah is on stage and she becomes part of the story along with the dragon that Prince Tamino defeats (which in this version means that Sarah helps by shrinking the dragon and the dragon joins them).

One of the reasons this is a perfect "starter opera" is that it is an operetta so it includes some dialogue. This recording is also a shorter version of the operetta, highlighting the main parts. AND it's in ENGLISH which is so important for anyone trying to learn more about opera! (Being new to The Magic Flute myself, I appreciate knowing what they're saying. And now I can't wait to hear it in its original language.)

Heidi has been playing "Princess Pamina" these last couple of days and singing "Papageno Papageno" to herself. I'd say this one's a hit!!

(Sidenote: We have listened to others in this series and are big fans! They do great work.)


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