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Monday, November 5, 2007

Review - Peter and the Wolf

A great classic for kids is Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. With each character being represented by a motif and an instrument, the children quickly learn to differentiate between instruments and melodies. Our daughters listened and helped the narration along. At moments when there were musical interludes, they noticed that the bird, the cat, and Peter were together. Or that the duck was missing. Or another time they would remember that the cat was a clarinet. Or they would say, "That's the bird. That's a flute." These listening skills cannot be underestimated in teaching children to learn about music and to appreciate the things they hear. And what a fun way for them to learn.

There are many versions to choose from and we recently tried out two of them.

If you'd like a straightforward, classic version of the story, David Bowie's narration is among the best-known versions. His narration is often coupled with The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra which introduces each orchestral instrument to children. ..

If you'd like to be entertained as much as your children, try the narration by Dudley Moore (the English comedian). He stays true to the story but also takes some poetic license to liven things up as he, for example, describes the grandfather as "Very grand. Very father."

Happy Listening!

Review - Peter and the Wolf


Creative Catharsis said...

I have a recommendation! It's the Silk Road Journeys CD featuring Yo-Yo Ma. The boys love to listen to it in the car, and I love it any time. The Silk Road (Band? Group?) is amazing, as if of course Yo-Yo Ma.

Creative Catharsis said...

*as IS of course

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