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Friday, November 9, 2007

Review: They Might Be Giants - No!

One important step in helping children learn to love classical music is first helping them love music in general. Many of the children's CDs available today tend to be rather trite and definitely do not motivate us as parents to suggest listening to them. However, there are also several CDs that are real gems that the whole family can enjoy. They Might Be Giants music CD called "No!" is one of those gems.

They Might Be Giants has long been known for their silly lyrics and fun musical style (think of Particle Man and Istanbul was Constantinopole). In recent years they have turned their attention toward children and have made some wonderful music.

With songs about things that are not as they ought to be (Fibber Island), a boy who waits by a broken clock for a date that never comes (Four of Two), robots (Robot Parade), parents and their favorite word (No!), musings on where things come from (Where Do They Make Balloons?), what things taste like (John Lee Supertaster), and Thomas Edison (The Edison Museum) - there is something for everyone.

These songs delight children of all ages and even tickle the funny bones of their parents. Good wholesome fun for everyone.


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