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Friday, November 30, 2007

Tip: Repetition

One of the greatest keys to helping kids develop a taste for classical music is repetition. I have found as we introduce our girls to different classical works that they are not always receptive the first time around. But the more we listen to it, the more they get into it.

There is so much to hear in classical music that it also takes more time to hear everything a piece has to offer. Our girls pick up on things that even we don't notice about a piece. And with each repetition, they become more familiar with the melodies, the different sections, and begin to sing along and work the music into their playtime.

Repetition is an essential part of learning about music. And although we as adults may tire of a piece faster than our children, knowing that they are still learning from what they are hearing can make it a little easier to give in to that familiar request, "Can we do it again?"


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